How to Minimize Cable Clutter in Your Home

When installing speakers, you will most likely end up running long speaker wires. If you set up multiple speakers then the amount of cabling is enormous. Then add to that all the cabling that is connecting your AV receiver to your Blu-ray player and television. You might want to think about ways of hiding this cable mess.

One option for hiding cables is to use cable channels. The channels can be mounted to walls or simply placed on the floor. Cables are then inserted into these channels which keeps them out of sight.

Another option are products that can send the audio signal wirelessly. One such product is the Amphony wireless speaker kit that you can find online. Using one of these wireless kits, you can eliminate at least those long speaker cables that run between the front of your room and the back for connecting those rear speakers. If you purchase a kit which has a single receiver unit for connecting two speakers, you will still have to run speaker cable between the receiver unit and each speaker. I would recommend to place the receiver next to one speaker. You might want to tape it behind the speaker to keep it out of sight. However, when mounting it behind the speaker, make sure that the wireless signal can still freely reach the receiver unit.

ifinity wireless speakers

If you have mounted the receiver to one speaker, there is only one speaker cable that has to go between the receiver and the other speaker. Having a single cable in the back of your room is much more desirable then having cables running from the front to the back. Another option to eliminate this into connecting cable is to purchase a system which includes two separate wireless receivers. In this case, each receiver can be located right next to each speaker. The connection between the receiver output and the loudspeakers made via a very short speaker cable. These short speaker cables are usually already included in the kits.

However, keep in mind that these systems do require power so you will need power near each speaker. If this doesn’t solve your cable dilemma then you might want to think about running cables under your carpet. If you don’t have carpet in your room then an alternative is to run a wooden cover alongside the bottom edge of your room. These covers can easily hide cables.

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